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Thursday, March 5th, 2009

This is the jist of the situation. I’ve been working my ass of in school as of late, this has resulted in my hand becoming slowly more and more agitated with me and yesterday it decided to try and murder me. I’ve been trying to get the comic on a steady track (as you know I havn’t succeded with that very well…) Currently I’m taking medicine and has my wrist tied up, which means that my ass working in school has been about cut in half. The drugs make me wozy and cranky and the lack of precision in my now dredged hand forces me to redraw frames a few hundred times more than necessary.

I can’t promise you a comic this weekend. I hope, as always, for one but part being able to hold a pen as straight as I wish and being doctoraly ordered not to overwork it I might not be able to work with it… Gugh, I wish I could just get to keep a bloody update schedule -_-